(automatic traduction by Alta-Vista)

L'Eco 5019 avant peinture Hull KEVLAR/ARALDITE leaves in painting
L'Eco 5019, arrière Back with the sites of fires
L'Eco 5019, gauche Carry and covers left
L'Eco 5019 droite Cover right with passage radiator origin BMW
L'Eco 5019, dosseret Back splash plate
L'Eco 5019, dessous Below covers, passage of aft wheel
L'Eco 5019, devant Front, sight of the plan-joint, centers windscreen wiper and liquid hole of filling cleaning
L'Eco 5019, intérieur brut Interior, trap door tank, tubes heating habitacle,etc.

The assembly of mechanics

Axe train Sight of the back of the momentary seat before the assembly of the accessories: battery, ordering of the train, relay and computer of control of the ordering of the train, pipe of refueling, led heating, etc.
Arrière siège passager Back of the momentary seat: **time-out** trap door of tank carburize (40 liter), driving belt de transmission control some train, play take-up de jeu of cable de control manual of help of train, computer of control of train (collecting speed and acceleration side), battery, passage torch of wiring, 4 relay cross of command of raise and of exit from the train du train
Moteur train Actuator of the train (driving (Japanese!) of starter of K100, only Japanese part!) with toothed gearing planetary and notched belt
Tête de fourche Fixing of the head of fork (steel aviation) on three cadenes in antico moulded in structure KEVLAR of the bell. Hunting is very weak with a control by shock absorber of direction to pressure tank
Fond de câle Seen interior, with the basic trap door of open hold
Trappe ouverte Master back braking cylinder with modulator ABS of the brakes fronts (since 1993, it is the new site of distribution heating, the Master braking cylinder and the modulator ABS being off-set in another box on the right floor)
Support siège avant Lid of trap door closed, adjustments of the conducting seat, controls chauffage(boule) and handle of help of the train on the left of the seat
Dosseret Dosseret/support of the rear lights, cases auxiliary for tools, parts and caster of help, etc.
Caisson chauffage Box of system heating cockpit (until 1993) On the new models, the heating is assembled under the front seat in the basic box of hold
Ventilateur habitacle Ventilator of cockpit (until 1993). On the new models, the ventilator is assembled under the front seat, therefore in the basic box of hold
Guidon Handlebar, command train by the small black switch with the left inch, controls windscreen wiper by button with the inch of the right hand
Bras du train Arm of the train (sheet welded out of steel aviation) and control stick, butted and ressort/amortissor of vérouillage with compressed gas and oil cushion (in top)
Phare Headlight origin BMW assembled behind the windshield " Pexiglas " and departure torch of cables électriquesvers back
Roue avant Nose gear wheel with detail characteristic of the openings of passage of wheel. Windshield positioned before joining and screwing
Avant Before before assembly rear view mirrors and poses windshield
Paroi arrière Output electric torch of wiring in the wall postpones (KEVLAR 4 cm), with under the floor of the trunk, the cases of allumage/injection
Montage moteur Put in position for installation of the engine mount K100 BMW
Freins avant Tony assembling the system of damping of direction sophisticated and to connect the front brakes and collecting ABS
Côté droit Seen right side (the new body has the input heating by a shaped mouth in the right side)
Amortisseur Tail rotor drive (4 speeds + MA) with Cardan joint of origin BMW and shock absorber WP replaced then advantageously by new special OEHLINS ECO of the 1997
5011 et Tony Tony polishes the interior of the 5011 (delivered to Patrick in May 1989)